2 Shells

Helmet Size Available: from XS to XXL

Carbon in sight

The shell is made of fine CARBON (in sight), aramidic fibers and fiberglass with different weights/ tensile strength linked up with resins that ensure a lighter but at the same time harder, more protective and impact resistant shell.


The outer shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a mixture of carbon, aramidic fibers and fiberglass with different weights/breaking loads linked up. Loads, linked up with aramid resins ensure a lighter, harder, safer and impact resistant shell.

Racing approved

The most popular riders, in different categories, help to develop and optimize the performance of Suomy helmets thanks to the technicians of the racing department. This interaction allows a continuous development of the helmet performances in the most critical conditions.



The fascinating and optimized shapes of the shell are the result of in-depth engineering and aerodynamic studies aimed at guaranteeing an outstanding lightness and unparalleled dynamic behavior both on the road and on the track.

Wind Tunnel Tested

The shell shapes and related aerodynamic spoilers are optimized due to intensive sessions in the wind tunnel. Aerodynamic performances allow the best comfort at all speed.

Stabilized Spoiler

Aerodynamics spoilers are the result of in-depth aerodynamics studies through dedicated software whose outcomes are tested in the wind tunnel. The result is an exceptional aerodynamic penetration and extraordinary stability at various speeds.

CX 0.40

Straight aerodynamics performance

CX 0.42

Cornering aerodynamics performance


Shapes, positions, air intakes positioning, canalization of the inner shell, comfort liners are developed to obtain the maximum efficiency in heat dissipation inside the helmet.

Air Vents

4 air intakes and 2 effective air extractors

Channeled EPS

Canalization of the inner shell to guarantee the maximum heat dissipation

Breath Deflector

An optional tool that helps to prevent fogging of the face shield

Chin Curtain

To ensure a better insulation from the air and noise from the bottom of the helmet

Comfort Liners

The Suomy R&D created a package of solutions that enhance comfort, versatility with breathable technical fabric and a balanced fitting suitable for any type of riding.

Breathable Textile

The inners are made of breathable materials for an easy sweat dissipation.


To minimize allergic reactions

Removable Inners

Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable and washable. They are made with prestigious sweat-absorbing largely customizable materials.


Precious fabric with specific fibers that offers the following features: easy outflow of body moisture; conservation of the correct temperature; light, soft and breathable fabric.

Visor Features

The stunning field of view was designed to maximize the performance of the rider. The 90 deg of vertical vision and 210 deg of peripheral view are the key features of TRACK-1.

Outstanding field of vision

The helmet has an outstanding field of vision, both peripheral and vertical.

Optical Visor Class 1

Visor geometries are carefully studied and designed through advanced optical software. The visor has a variable thickness in order to obtain the optical class 1, the best performance achievable for lens.

Anti Fog System

The practical internal Max Vision lens provides an effective and wide anti-fog protection and, therefore, a wide vision field in the most critical conditions.


The Suomy R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance active and passive safety.

Double D-Ring

The system ensures stability, safety and strength. The strap features Double D-Ring in light alloy

Emergency release system

Equipped with cheek pads with a rapid removal system

Choose your Visor

All the racing visors are tear-off leans ready.

Accessories & Spare Parts

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