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Suomy Safety Recommendation

Thank you for choosing SUOMY.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest qualitative standards specifically for motorcycle use, our helmets are certified by the most important Certification Bodies.

Suomy cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from an incorrect use of the product and/or for using the helmet in situations that go beyond the normal conditions of use or the modalities indicated in each helmet booklet.

Before using the helmet, carefully read the manual. Keep it at hand for future reference.

For further information, contact your Distributor or Suomy.

Use the helmet in compliance with the instructions contained in its manual. Compliance with these instructions will make your helmet last longer and will assure maximum product performances.

Modifications and/or alterations to the helmet and/or any of its components shall make the warranty void and may jeopardize the safety requirements or make the product non-compliant with the certification standards.

Avoid conduct or uses of the helmet that might compromise its performance:

  • Do not drive with the helmet hanging from the anti-theft device/helmet hook or the seat so that it does not become bumped or scratched.
  • Do not place the helmet on the stem of the rear-view mirror or the back of the seat so that the liner does not become damaged.
  • Do not sit on the helmet or place it on the ground.
  • Do not leave the helmet on places such as the gas tank or the seat because it could easily fall and become damaged. For the same reason, keep the helmet away from children and animals, which may cause it to fall, scratch it or ruin it.
  • Never remove the structural parts of the helmet, such as the inner shell, the strap or the seals.
  • Do not expose the helmet to very bright sunlight.
Where can I buy my new Suomy Helmet?

You can find the shop nearer to you in the STORES / DISTRIBUTORS section on the Suomy website.

How do I choose the right helmet size?

To ensure maximum safety, the helmet should fit perfectly and feel comfortable.

This means that it should not be either too tight, because it would be impossible to wear it for long periods of time, or too large, because it would not provide enough protection in the case of impact, or it could slip to the side or off your head while driving.

To dispel any doubt, proceed as follows:

  1. Grab a tape measure and place it around your head at about 2 cm above your brow ridge; measure the widest area of the head by wrapping the tape in line with the temples, then on the rear of the skull and again towards the forehead. Take note of the precise measure (without rounding up or down) and compare it with the size chart below.
  2. Based on the helmet size that you have just determined, now you must try it on to make sure that it fits properly and feels comfortable. Pull both parts of the chinstrap to the side and put on the helmet, sliding it from the back of the head to the front.
  3. Make sure that all the liner parts (sides, top, front) adhere to your cheeks, the top of your head and forehead. The helmet adheres properly if it pulls the skin on the cheeks and forehead, so if it turns too easily around your head it is too big and you should try a smaller size. If you feel comfortable, proceed to fasten the chinstrap as tightly as possible but without hurting.
  4. If the size seems to be right, keep the helmet on for a few minutes to make sure that it does not hurt or there are no pressure areas.
  5. As the last step try to remove the helmet by pulling it from the back to the front.

If the helmet comes off easily, repeat the steps above until you find the helmet that fits the best.

If in doubt, always choose the smaller size between two different size helmets that both feel comfortable. You should do this because a helmet starts adjusting to the configuration of your face after wearing it for just a few hours. As a consequence, a helmet that feels slightly loose when you first wear it may prove to be too large after just a few weeks of use, thus compromising your safety.

Consider also the possibility of swapping the inner-lining for another in a smaller or larger size, where possible! This would allow you to perfectly customize your helmet for a perfect fit!


XS 53-54
S 55-56
M 57-58
L 59-60
XL 61-62
XXL 63
Before get on your motorbike

Always remember to put on and fasten your helmet correctly. Never wear a scarf under the retention system or a hat under the helmet. The helmet should be put on and adjusted while the vehicle is not moving.

Periodically check the condition of the helmet and its components that are subject to wear (screws, mechanisms, buttons, plastic parts, etc.), particularly the following:

  • The surface of the helmet, to make sure that there are no cracks;
  • The chinstrap, to make sure that it is in good condition and that the retention system works correctly;
  • The lining and buttons/attachments to the helmet, to make sure that they are in good condition;
  • The visor, to make sure that it is not scratched and that you have perfect visibility;
  • The visor mechanism, to make sure that it works correctly.

Bear in mind that wearing a helmet may deaden the sound of traffic and the surrounding environment, particularly if it is an integral helmet. Make sure that you can still hear sounds such as horns and emergency sirens, and correctly evaluate the impact of the helmet on your perception of external conditions.

Do Suomy Riders use the same helmets as those sold on the market?

Yes! All of our racing helmets (S1-XR GP and MX-SPEED PRO) are exactly the same as those end users find on the market! The only difference lies in the graphics, which the riders chooses to customize their own helmets every season.

Can I paint my Suomy Helmet?

Suomy strongly advises against painting helmets because the solvents in the paints can negatively affect the safety structure (bubbles and polystyrene) and the plastic parts (mechanisms, visor, etc.). For the same reason, stickers must not be applied to the helmet or visor. Painting the helmet or tampering in any way with the helmet parts will immediately invalidate the product warranty.

How should I clean my Suomy Helmet?

All you need to do to keep your #SuomyHelmet clean is a few simple rules.

The outer shell of our helmet deserves cleaning, not only to show it off to friends before riding off, but also to check its integrity.

You can simply use a sponge or a cloth soaked in warm water and a neutral soap. When you have finished, turn the helmet upside down so that any excess water can drain out of the air vents and leave it to dry at room temperature and well away from any sources of heat (sun, radiators etc…). We strongly recommends the use of a neutral soap as opposed to soap powders or glass cleaning products as such items often contain alcohol and/or solvents that can be abrasive and ruin the helmet.

To clean removable fabric parts, hand wash in warm water (30°C maximum) with neutral soap only.

To clean the fixed lining, use a damp cloth and neutral soap only.

During cleaning operations, carefully handle the visor to avoid damaging the anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. Never use solvents, alcohol, fuels, abrasive thinning substances or powders; these materials are aggressive and could affect the structural resistance of the polycarbonate or scratch the surface of the visor with consequent reduction in the mechanical and optical properties.

For further information, please check the “Manual” booklet you can find into each model page on the Suomy Website or download it from MANUALS section, where you can find all the manuals of each #SuomyHelmet model.

How can my Suomy Helmet be repaired?

To send your Suomy Helmet to our Customer Care Centre contact an official Suomy Store (a list is available at the STORES / DISTRIBUTORS section of the Suomy website). Take your helmet to your local shop and ask them to repair it if possible. In the event a repair is not viable, a claims procedure will be started.

The shop will send the item directly to us and will then keep in contact with our technicians so that you are kept informed of the times and measures necessary for the repair work.

Remember to include the sales receipt, since it is a proof of the purchase date if there is a basis for warranty cover.

Is a helmet still safe after suffering an accident?

Even a small impact can affect the integrity of a helmet and sometimes damage is caused that is not visible to the naked eye except to that of an expert.

For this reason helmets that have been involved in even seemingly minor accidents must be checked by an official Suomy technician.

Does the helmet have an expiration date?

There is no precise answer to this question. The average life of a helmet depends on a lot of factors, such as frequency of use, conditions of use (heat, cold, rain, etc.), the care and maintenance given to it, etc. Some helmet parts, such as polystyrenes and padding tend to wear after time, losing their functionality. The same goes for mechanisms and the strap, which undergo a lot of wear.

We suggest replacing your helmet at least every 5 years from purchase.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to also change the helmet even before the indicated periods, or after an impact, in the event of evident signs of wear and/or deterioration of the main parts such as the bubble, strap, polystyrene and mechanisms.

I have bought a Suomy Helmet with a defect, what should I do?

To check whether the damage you have found is effectively a production defect, please contact an official Suomy store (a list is available at the STORES / DISTRIBUTORS section of the Suomy website).

The shop will be able to give a first technical evaluation, and, if necessary, will open a claim procedure and arrange shipment of the article directly to us. Our technicians will inspect the garment and if the defect you have found is under warranty it will be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the defect.

Remember to keep and show the sales receipt to the dealer, since it is a proof of the purchase date if there is a basis for warranty cover.

How long does the warranty be detected?

If any defect covered by the limited warranty is detected within 2 years from the date of purchase, Suomy shall repair or replace the defective product through its own distribution network, after the defect has been verified.

How does the retention system Double D-Ring work?

To wear the helmet, insert the free side of the strap in the rings. Pull the end until the strap presses firmly against the jaw.

After this operation, it should not be possible to remove the helmet. Verify that by grabbing it from the back and rotating it to the front it cannot be removed and it is fixed to the head.

If the helmet tends to come off or rotates freely, tighten the strap again until the right pressure is obtained and repeat test.

If after repeating the test you are not able to efficiently tighten the retention system, do not use the helmet.

Only after checking the correct tension of the strap, fix the free end locking it with the automatic stud to the release tab.

The automatic stud is necessary only to fix the free end of the strap to prevent it from flapping while riding. Fixing the release button does not assure that the helmet is correctly in position and properly fastened: the correct locking of the strap must be verified exclusively following the above paragraphs.

To release the retention system, release the automatic stud button and pull the release tab to loosen the closure. Slide out the free end of the strap from the Double D Ring.

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