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About KYT

KYT was born from the enlightenment of the founder Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma, who in 1980 created the group PT Tara, which is one of the biggest group producing helmets in the world today.
The KYT project started in 1998 and was born with the aim to project and produce helmets giving the maximum attention to the performances and details and create a product for racing use. KYT quickly became an important brand thanks to the updated technologies and research, which allow the brand to put the know-how of racing helmets in the street ones.

KYT has its Research and Development and Design facility based in Italy and offers to customer selected models that start from entry level to high-end professional racing helmet.

KYT boasts the collaboration of professional riders of different categories in the development and check of its helmets.

KYT’s presence in the racing world is of considerable importance, with riders such as Enea Bastianini, Lorenzo Savadori and Augusto Fernandez in MotoGP, Lorenzo dalla Porta and Dennis Foggia in Moto2, Jaume Masia in Moto 3.

For further details and information visit KYT website.

Cooperation between Suomy and KYT

In Cologne Show 2014 the cooperation between SUOMY and KYT closed, the top brand of an important Indonesian group, that has 70% of the national market and has been in the Asian market for 21 years, in order to create new growth perspective and a bilateral transmit of information between the two companies.

For SUOMY, European distributor of the brand KYT, the synergy will be an important source of knowing as regards project and helmets production of big quantity, that KYT can face and distribute as leader in Asian market with many millions of produced units per year.

For KYT the new partnership will be the occasion to learn from SUOMY the know-how linked to the production of racing helmets and to collect information, technologies and innovations that KYT transfers on its products come directly from the knowledge of our Racing Service thanks to the collaboration with all our professional riders.

2020 represents a year great news for this important company. The R&D department, located in Italy, designed and developed new models to satisfy the various identities of each motorcyclist.

So, whichever soul your motorbike may have, just go out, get on your saddle, fasten your helmet and enjoy the ride.


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