2 Shells

Helmet Size Available: from XS to XXL


The outer shell is made of Tricarboco fiber that ensures a lighter, harder, safer and more impact resistant shell

Wearable Glasses

Ready for glasses

Wide Sun Visor

Internal visor that can be operated from the outside and functions as sunglasses



Dynamic shapes, a powerful aerodynamic coefficient and an enviable overall balancing.

Stabilized Spoiler

To guarantee an exceptional aerodynamic penetration and extraordinary stability at various speeds


Shapes, air intakes positioning and comfort liners are developed to obtain the maximum efficiency in heat dissipation inside the helmet.

Air Vents

Effective top vent and exhaust port

Channeled EPS

Canalization of the inner shell to guarantee the maximum heat dissipation


Comfort Liners

The Suomy R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance comfort, versatility with breathable technical fabric and a balanced fitting suitable for any type of riding.

Breathable Textile

Equipped with technical fabrics to guarantee the maximum breathability inside the helmet


To minimize allergic reactions

Removable Inners

Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable and made with a prestigious sweat-absorbing material

Washable Comfort Liner

Cheek pads and internal shell are washable and largely customizable

Visor Features

Equipped with the new injection visor to ensure the best visibility from several riding angles. The inedite wide sun visor extends to the cheek pads borders, offering a full protection from the sunlight.

Wide Vision

The wide opening of the visual field allows a safer and more performing ride

Anti Fog System

The internal Max Vision lens provides an effective anti-fog protection and a wide vision field in the most critical conditions (not included)

Injected Visor

The visor is 3 dimensional, optically accurate, printed in optic PC and treated with UV blocking material

Anti- Scratch

We use the most performing anti-scratch processes which effectively protect the surface of the visor



The Suomy R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance active and passive safety.


Micrometric retention system with rapid release: simple and strong

Quick visor release

The mechanism is designed for a solid assembly with the visor and an easy removal system without the use of tools

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