Sevlievo Bulgaria April 10 th.  Good debut for Suomy in the first race of the championship Mx2.

On Saturday the 21 year old British Tommy Searle had proved to turn up finishing second in the qualifying race. Second place that has managed to maintain during the race on Sunday, winning the podium. A good start for Suomy and a good start for the new entry helmet Mr. Jump.

Already on Saturday the 21 year old Englishman had raced to a solid second place in the qualification race, and he again showed great speed in both races on Sunday when championship points were at stake. A good start was a tremendous advantage at the high-speed Sevlievo track and Tommy's main rivals got the jump on him in both races as he momentarily lost momentum leaving the gate when the front wheel lifted. With passing opportunities few and far between Searle needed a couple of laps to displace Jeffrey Herlings from second place, by which time the Dutchman's German teammate Ken Roczen had already established a lead of several seconds. Searle initially closed the gap on the German in the first race but a number of small incidents as the leaders came up behind backmarkers cost Tommy his gains and he sensibly settled for a secure second place. Needing slightly longer to displace Herlings in race two, Tommy again settled for second.

His teenage teammate Max Anstie was contesting a GP in Europe for the first time after spending the last three years in America and the 17 year old inevitably needed the weekend to adjust to the very different environment. 16th place in the qualifying race meant that he did not have a good choice of gate on Sunday, but the power of his KX250F got Max to the first corner amongst the top ten each time and, adjusting to his new work area quickly, he rode two strong races to advance to 8th and 6th places against riders of far greater experience.

Ben Townley did not take part in the first MX1 race because  still injured by the incident to the jaw during a training session earlier this year, hopefully back in the race within a month

Tommy Searle: "I expected Roczen to be fast, but I'm not concerned about him; he took the holeshots and controlled both races from the front. Ideally I should have got to second earlier, so I could have seen his lines but I wheelied out of the gate both motos and by the time I got past Herlings for second, Roczen was gone.  I came here to get a solid start to the championship, and I did just that; we have got the bike working well and I believe I can go that fast too; it's early days yet and my day will come !"

Max Anstie: “This was my first-ever GP and it’s a lot different to America; I came here not really knowing what to expect so I’m happy to leave Bulgaria with two top ten results. I was a little bit nervous in qualifying and made a couple of mistakes but today I built my confidence and each race went better and better. Now I have this experience I will be strong in Valkenswaard. My condition is good but it’s maybe 70% at the moment; it’s a long season and I don't want to be approaching my best until June. I’m building my condition, and I’m sure that before the end of the season I will be able to ride for a top three result. I’ve a good feeling with myself, with the bike, everything went smooth and I’m happy tonight.”