The races MX1 and MX2 seem to be a private matter and open conflict between the factions KTM-REDBULL and KAWASAKI-MONSTER. By this time no one is able to enter the top between these two teams.

This time Redbull dominated Monster winning all 4 races and mortgaging the two championship. Even if our riders made two good races , Searle in MX2 with a third and second place lost points towards Herlings but in cross championship available races and points are still a lot and everything is possible.

In MX1 the history is different, the usual Cairoli ridicules his competitors race after race and although he doesn’t use a Suomy helmet ( nobody is perfect) , we have to admit that he is the best in this very difficult and hard-fought championship. Our Pourcel gained the fourth place and we hope he will be more determined in next races. For sure he is a winner and we are looking forward a lot from him. His third place in World placing is very positive.


MX1:1. C. Desalle ranks 442 ; 2. A. Cairoli ranks 422 ; 3. C. Pourcel ranks 393 (Suomy) ; 4. G. Paulin ranks 376 ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 341

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 478; 2. T. Searle ranks 429 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 417 ; 4. J. Roelants ranks 344 (Suomy) ; 5. J. Tixier ranks 309