Tuesday, 11 September 2012 15:20


MX1-2. Full day in Faenza for the motocross world race, that crowned worldchampions the two standard bearer KTM , unfortunately not Suomy riders. Deserved both titles, the only competitors who crossed KTM riders have been our bearers of Kawasaki Monster team.

Second place in both manche Tommy Searle consolidated his place in MX2 and will be our bearer next year too in MX1. The English rider will be protagonist also in the Nation Motocross.

Same race for Pourcel, who made both second place in the two macnhe in Faenza. Always with great performance the French rider doesn’t know well his future. He hopes to go back to USA , where he won two titles in supercross but in this moment he doesn’t take any decision.


MX1:1. A. Cairoli ranks 642 ; 2. C. Desalle ranks 554 ; 3. G. Paulin ranks 502 ; 4. C. Pourcel ranks 496 (Suomy) ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 478

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 672 ; 2. T. Searle ranks 601 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 559 ; 4. J. Nicholls ranks 409 (Suomy) ;  5. J. Tixier ranks 401 ; 6. J. Roelants ranks 367 (Suomy)

p.s. 3 riders in the first six places…not bad!



Tuesday, 11 September 2012 15:17


Great return after the summer holidays for Suomy colours. The great relax in August allowed the restart to be characterized by a big sale rise and a resurgence of all our riders , who did well in this first weekend in September:

SBK. We start from SBK , which saw the winning flair of Max Biaggi , winner in race1 and great fighter in race2, marked by a fall and an exciting recovery. Two falls of his competitor Melandri took our Max to the top of the world placings, with 9.5 ranks over him at two races to the end of world champion :  for luck we wait next race to prepare the “world” helmet to sell in the usual 1000 numbered pieces. It would be the ninth world title in SBK for Suomy…we keep our fingers crossed.


SBK: 1.Max Biaggi ranks 318 (Suomy) ; 2. Marco Melandri ranks 308.5 ; 3. Tommy Sykes ranks 291.5 ; 4. Carlos Checa ranks 247.5 ; 5. Jonathan Rea ranks 225.5.



Tuesday, 11 September 2012 15:11


Starting from 15th September new APEX ANGEL is available in two colours, on white base or black one. It is  another exercise of innovative graphic :  in matching tones the different colours are in keeping with each other in order to give space to complete virtuosity, creating shades with glitter rubbed to be particularly bright under sun light.

Apex is for sure a best seller in the Suomy range and it’s priced at € 364,00 (vat included) .

Apex is made using tricarboco system, a mix of noble fibre , that is glass, kewlar and carbon. Removable and washable inner liner made of hypoallergenic and breathable fabric. The shells are three in order to wear even an XXXL.

A product with high technical features , it is completely made in Italy and born by the racing experience of Suomy, it is reasonably priced and it will be for sure a successful helmet.



Wednesday, 01 August 2012 09:18


The new Mr. Jump JACKPOT marks the Suomy comeback to the “shock” graphics , which are always trend and during the years gave to Suomy helmets the reputation as helmet with more engaging and aggressive graphics.

A great success of Suomy range is the cross helmet Mr. Jump which gained the market leadership, thanks to his unique lightness, the product license of Monster brand and the choice of using them by great riders like Pourcel and Searle. Furthermore there’s the fact that this helmet of 990 gr is 100% handmade.

Cards, dices and roulette make this product playful and in line with the more extreme cross riders and the risk of the two fluo colours, yellow and fucsia, makes him unique in his style.

It is available in 3 colours, white, yellow and fucsia, in 6 sizes (from XS to XXL) at the price of € 389,00 VAT included. All technical features are available in the Product section on our website


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