Thursday, 08 November 2012 16:48


Yesterday Max announced his retirement, there’s no point in lingering on this news for Suomy, all world media already fully reported it.

All we have to do is to thank Max for the years together, which allowed our brand to be known and our product to get better following his advices.

Just because Max is our most important testimonial the helmet with the pirate and his sword with the six stars of his six world titles will be not only a celebrative helmet for his win but also a commemorative helmet for his career.

This helmet will be produced in only 1000 pieces all over the world , numbered from 0001 to 1000, a gem for real Max fan and collector.



Friday, 19 October 2012 15:47


After the win in SBK the world title in Speedway comes to Suomy, it has been won by the your Australian rider Chris Holder.

The Speedway, a sport very much followed in America, Australia, North Europe and Eastern countries, is making a comeback and it is always more followed by many fans. Monster, first sponsor of our standard-bearer, is for sure helping the comeback of this fascinating sport.

Chris, winner of many GP,  dominated the season and he will be the man to defeat  even in the 2013. Thank you Chris for giving us this world title no.22.



Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:09


Thank you Max for giving us our eight world title in SBK.

It has been phantasmagoric to have speared with the pirate’s sword the sixth star as well described on the helmet just prepared by Bargy for this occasion, a designer who, since ever, draws winning helmets for Max.

Thank you for being, in the bad and good times, the most important and long-lived testimonial in Suomy history. Thirteen years together and the 13 brings good luck. We suffered until last bend in the last GP in France, we suffered in the paddock but, even after the fall down in race 1, we knew that the coolness, the determination and most of all the competence of the “old” pirate would not let us down.

We just remember an adrenalin rush and a sense of happiness at the sight of the chequered flag, together with congratulation messages, of course the friends ones and more appreciated the ones of our partners, who shared with us this win.

A forecast but not easy win consecrates Suomy as the helmet of SBK, in 10 years we won eight worldchampion titles. Just now that Superbike is exceeding both for visibility and interest the GP.

Come on Max, come on Suomy, come on SBK, let’s do it again in 2013!!!!



Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:50


Again a weekend in the sign of Suomy. The win is always our aim and Superbike is our belief.

Eight world titles, won by Suomy,  always see us involved in this category, we preferred it to GP and this year just our standard bearer all along (it is 14 years that Max races and put his safety in the hands of Suomy) , not to be short on luck, is close to give us the ninth world laurel. Keep our fingers crossed but we will be at the last race in France with a big bottle of … “prosecco” under our arm. It is better “prosecco” for a possible win completely Italian, motorbike, rider, helmet, suit and , why not, milk all made in Italy.

Max deserves it. Even in the Portuguese race he showed to race with brain, in race 1 after that he leaded the first part of the race, he tried to get important ranks after the turn off of his biggest competitor, Melandri, and in race 2 , even if it was not necessary, he was on the podium. Come on Max, we are with you.


SBK: 1.Max Biaggi ranks 347 (Suomy) ; 2. Tommy Sykes ranks 316.5 ; 3. Marco Melandri ranks 308.5 ; 4. Carlos Checa ranks 278.5 ; 5. Jonathan Rea ranks 255.

MX1-2. Even if the world titles have been already awarded, with a view to Nation Championship, the GP in Germany, which was raced the last weekend, saw an absolute success of our English rider Tommy Searle, who won both races. Tommy is for sure a champion and next year in MX1 he will be a protagonist. The young Nicholls did well too , he consolidated his fourth place in the championship.


MX1:1. A. Cairoli ranks 692 ; 2. C. Desalle ranks 594 ; 3. G. Paulin ranks 536 ; 4. C. Pourcel ranks 521 (Suomy) ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 505

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 694 ; 2. T. Searle ranks 651 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 559 ; 4. J. Nicholls ranks 446 (Suomy) ;  5. J. Tixier ranks 434 ; 6. J. Roelants ranks 367 (Suomy)


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