Monday, 11 June 2012 17:02


After having picked bad cards on Saturday on the green table in Misano Adriatico, with high skill Biaggi changed four cards and on Sunday he had a wonderful aces poker.

He races the two manche with high skill and although he started on eleventh place, he dominates his competitors making the two manche his manche, a big stroke with full loot, 50 points that, together with the misadventures of his direct followers, the withdrawal of Melandri in race 1 and the fall of Checa in race 2, allow him to mortgage the conquest of the World Title.

46 points lead on his direct follower Rea, nearly two manche, allow Max to run the Championship with skill. The luck plays an important role too and this year, unlike the last one, the luck is with us. There’s no disguising the fact that Suomy starts to hope in his umpteenth SBK Worldchampionship. Remember that now everyone speaks about SBK and starts to snub the GP. We have been already done since long time.

WORLD PLACINGS : 1.Max Biaggi ranks 218.5 (Suomy) ; 2. Jonathan Rea ranks 172 ; 3. Tommy Sykes ranks 164.5 ; 4. Marco Melandri ranks 155.5 ; 5. Carlos Checa ranks 150.5.



Thursday, 24 May 2012 13:26

NEW 3LOGY WAS BORN! Once again Suomy confirms its innovative dna. 3logy was born, an helmet that did not exist!It is a trendy and innovative concept. Design and features perfectly fit to the safety requirements and technical standards and this is proved by the fact that Suomy chose to realize the shells in tricarboco fiber and not with the less noble thermoplastic. Suomy opted for the double shell, that allows a different fitting that better suits the different sizes. The double homologation P/J (both jet and fullface) is the clear proof of the high quality research as priority. Having as starting point the safety, Suomy created a product cult right for a open-minded and discerning public. 3logy is a multipurpose product and has the feature to quickly change itself from jet to fullface helmet through a midway step with Bluetooth, easy to use and for sure characterized and identifiable.3logy can be also customized as you can change the fun cover colour, Suomy indeed has even 12 different colours. To spell out such a new product these few words are not enough, we think that the attached pictures could speak more than words. 



Tuesday, 22 May 2012 12:14


SUOMY DOMINATES IN BRASIL. Suomy riders dominate the GP in Brasil. A wonderful day for cross branded Suomy : for the first time we win the two GP, MX1 with Pourcel and MX2 with Searle. A great success for us, that we are glad to share with everybody, who helped us to obtain this great result in a so short time.  Searle, in a great day, dominated both manche getting maximum results. Taking advantage of a dull day of his unique competitor, Herlings, he partially covers the gap, caused by a couple of unlucky manche, and moves to the second place in the World placings. The Championship seems to have set that the fight for the final win will be a private matter between Herlings and Searle. An awesome Pourcel wins the GP MX1. He is a little inconstant but he is the unique , who can defeat Cairoli. He won the first race and he had to content of a fourth place in the second one, because of a slip. Now he is at the third place in the World Championship but his reconquest will start on hard grounds. We are sure that for these two good results the media coverage will be great. 


MX1:1.A. Cairoli ranks 203 ; 2. C. Desalle ranks 179 ; 3. C. Pourcel ranks 172 (Suomy) ; 5. G. Paulin ranks 170 ; 6. K. De Dycker ranks 154

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 223; 2. T. Searle ranks203 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 189; 4. J. Roelants ranks 152 ; 5. M. Anstie ranks 137



Tuesday, 15 May 2012 13:15


The last one was a strange Sunday of May. A whirlwind of twists underlined the weekend of the Suomy riders, who as always were protagonists of their classes, giving a media coverage, in particular television, of great level. 

SBK Donington. Great race superbike. It has been many years that the race in Donington had not been so exciting and full of twists. The two BMW were the protagonists , they seemed to be the most performing among the followers, Melandri indeed gave the first win to the german house. Max Biaggi, who this year seems to drive with the right luck dose which is useful to gain the world title, although with great effort, left Donington again at the top of the World Championship. A leadership that lasts far-back and that Max intends to keep towards the end. The sixth star is therefore in his sights and it is his real goal. WORLD PLACINGS : 1.Max Biaggi ranks 128.5 ; 2. Tommy Sykes ranks 123.5 ; 3.  Jonathan Rea ranks 108 ; 4. Carlos Checa ranks 105.5 ; 5. Marco Melandri ranks 97.5 

Motocross MX1- MX2 Messico. Many twists during the first Motocross GP in Mexico. An hard and sandy track tested everyone and the misfortune hit our Pourcel in MX1. He leaded the first manche, he made a great fighting with Cairoli and Desalle but just three minutes before finishing, just when the first step of the podium was within his reach, a technical problem forced him to withdraw. Disappointed and embittered Christophe was the protagonist in race 2 in which by a hair he did not go up the podium awarding the fourth place. He overpaid this stop going down to the fifth place in the World placings but the Championship is just at the beginning and the French man will be for sure in the play. At the end of the race Cairoli in an interview said that the dreaded rival is Pourcel. Resounding on the contrary the race MX2 for our riders. Searle after two bad starting is protagonist of two recoveries, which we are used to but which always gave us a start. Well done , the English rider is for sure a leader, who is living an hard period as regards the starting. He will be the protagonist on hard grounds. Two second places for him which bring him near the second place in the World placings. Well done also for Roelants , he finished both races within the first five riders. Now we are moving to Brasil, an interesting market for everybody. All the best to all our riders. WORLD PLACINGS : MX1:1.A. Cairoli ranks 178 ; 2. C. Desalle ranks 149 ; 3. G. Paulin ranks 134 ; 4. K. De Dycker ranks 131 ; 5. C. Pourcel ranks 129 (Suomy)MX2:1.J. Herling ranks 194 ; 2. J. Van Horebeek ranks 154 ; 3. T. Searle ranks 153 (Suomy) ; 4. J.Roelants ranks 118 (Suomy) ; 5. J. Tixie ranks 107


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