Thursday, 26 July 2012 14:40


The races MX1 and MX2 seem to be a private matter and open conflict between the factions KTM-REDBULL and KAWASAKI-MONSTER. By this time no one is able to enter the top between these two teams.

This time Redbull dominated Monster winning all 4 races and mortgaging the two championship. Even if our riders made two good races , Searle in MX2 with a third and second place lost points towards Herlings but in cross championship available races and points are still a lot and everything is possible.

In MX1 the history is different, the usual Cairoli ridicules his competitors race after race and although he doesn’t use a Suomy helmet ( nobody is perfect) , we have to admit that he is the best in this very difficult and hard-fought championship. Our Pourcel gained the fourth place and we hope he will be more determined in next races. For sure he is a winner and we are looking forward a lot from him. His third place in World placing is very positive.


MX1:1. C. Desalle ranks 442 ; 2. A. Cairoli ranks 422 ; 3. C. Pourcel ranks 393 (Suomy) ; 4. G. Paulin ranks 376 ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 341

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 478; 2. T. Searle ranks 429 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 417 ; 4. J. Roelants ranks 344 (Suomy) ; 5. J. Tixier ranks 309



Thursday, 26 July 2012 14:36


SBK in Brno meant the only confidence for Max Biaggi, always winner on the Czech race. Everyone thought that on his track Max could make the difference and lengthen on his competitors but it didn’t happen. A weekend to forget, two days in which nothing is at the right place in the right moment. Even if he could minimize damages, he left on the track good deal of points to his all along competitor Marco Melandri, who gave to Bmw the first two wins.

But Max is a champion man and after having forgotten this bad day, he is already ready to make up for the next race, even because his advantage in the championship is still significant and difficult to gain.


SBK: 1.Max Biaggi ranks 271.5 (Suomy) ; 2. Marco Melandri ranks 250.5 ; 3. Tommy Sykes ranks 212.5 ; 4. Carlos Checa ranks 204.5 ; 5. Jonathan Rea ranks 187.



Monday, 02 July 2012 14:50


A Sunday full of suspance and fame for Suomy riders, kept busy in the three race events, SBK, MX1 and MX2.

Max Biaggi confirms his fame time and instead of carefully managing the points lead, he calls himself into question in the GP in Spain and wins race 1 after a hard fight with his all along competitor, Melandri. A crushing win, dogged and hardly desired in teeth of his just turned forty-one.

Even race 2 has been a great one, in which Max was content with the fourth place after a mistake while he was race leader. Yes he was content but he consolidated his leading world record, he is always on the top of the World Placings with 48 points over Melandri. A gap of two full manche, that makes him on the safe side and always more favorite for the World Title. Come on Max, we at Suomy would like to win our ninth World Title in SBK, a race event we always love.

A crushing win in GP MX2 in Sweden for our English rider Searle, a first and a second place and a bad race 2 for Herlings make him very close to the lead place. Now he sees the Worldchampion within his reach and a private matter between him and the KTM rider. A one-way championship in which the two riders win alternatively all races. Behind them, nobody. A strange second place in manche 1 in which our Monster rider, while he was racing with high advantage, stopped to change gloves and goggles. A questionable choice that allows Herlings to pass him and win the race. This bizarre thing did not keep our Searle to win the GP in Sweden.

Full of twister the race MX1, absolute zero for Cairoli open again the championship with surprise. Desalle took advantage of this, with two wins gained the red plate, which marks the leader in placings. Our Pourcel with two second places gains 44 points over Cairoli and the trio Desalle, Cairoli and Pourcel now dominate the championship, which is after this race more open than ever.

It seems that the championship begins now and we think that Pourcel might have good chances for winning, of course he has to fight against two great riders, Cairoli who is the favourite and Desalle who is in good form.


SBK: 1.Max Biaggi ranks 248.5 (Suomy) ; 2. Marco Melandri ranks 200 ; 3. Jonathan Rea ranks 183 ; 4. Carlos Checa ranks 175.5 ; 5. Tommy Sykes ranks 172.5.

MX1:1. C. Desalle ranks 348 ; 2. A. Cairoli ranks 345 ; 3. C. Pourcel ranks 336 (Suomy) ; 4. G. Paulin ranks 315 ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 257

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 403; 2. T. Searle ranks 387 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 330 ; 4. J. Roelants ranks 263 (Suomy) ; 5. J. Tixier ranks 243



Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:56


Again a weekend of fame for the Suomy riders in the cross. By now acknowledged protagonist of world circus, also this time they gave the leading team a rough ride. In MX2, with a win and a third place, Searle confirmed himself as the only competitor for the conquest of the title by Herlings. This year Searle had two stops unlike Herlings and the two riders , respectively KTM and Kawasaki, are fighting epic duels and the Championship is all around them.

The story in MX1 is different, Cairoli, slightly above the other, pulls ahead of the group of his three followers, that is Desalle , Paulin and our Pourcel, who take turns in second place GP after GP. A Championship still to play, an evidence of this is the mutual rotation on the highest step of the podium and Pourcel is one of these and he is ready to sink a winning paw as soon as he can.


MX1:1.A. Cairoli ranks 295 ; 2. C. Desalle ranks 258 ; 3. G. Paulin ranks 255 ; 4. C. Pourcel ranks 254 (Suomy) ; 5. K. De Dycker ranks 211

MX2: 1.J. Herlings ranks 317; 2. T. Searle ranks 293 (Suomy) ; 3. J. Van Horebeek ranks 268; 4. J. Roelants ranks 204 (Suomy) ; 5. M. Anstie ranks 191


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