One of the most brilliant ideas at Suomy is to widen the range of products dedicated to all motorbike fans through a real brand extension in order to express  a unique world. Undoubtedly the coolest world of all, for many years.

Suomy therefore becomes the pioneer of this strategy. Infact, there is no other helmet competitor that can boast what Suomy has built through the licensing world.

The Licensing World was created in order to join the Suomy planet, a life-style that expresses your personality, characterized by adrenalin and passion towards the two wheel racing world with emulation towards the motorcycling champions.

Suomy also provides private labels.
Suomy has joined its name with the names of prestigious motorcycle companies that choose the quality and safety of Suomy helmets, with the possibility to distribute them all over the world while considering the different kinds of homologation obtained by Suomy helmets.